Calculate calorie burn : High protein low carb breakfast

Calculate Calorie Burn

calculate calorie burn

    calorie burn
  • When you exercise, your body needs energy. For example, the average person burns about five calories per minute if they are walking, seven calories per minute if they’re playing tennis, and eight calories per minute on a stair stepper.

  • Include as an essential element in one's plans

  • account: keep an account of

  • Determine (the amount or number of something) mathematically

  • make a mathematical calculation or computation

  • Determine by reasoning, experience, or common sense; reckon or judge

  • judge to be probable

Power surges, my ass

Power surges, my ass

May I just say something?

I wasn't sure whether I was having hot flashes until yesterday. Now I
can report this: whe you have 'em, you KNOW you have 'em.

Whooo-ee. Has anyone calculated calorie burn during one of these
puppies? I'm feeling a little like Peter during the season one Heroes
finale. But I'll bet his boobs felt better.

That is all.

no fun fidler

no fun fidler

as the founding member of FFP chris is required to frown upon people engaging in smiles instead of squats, calories instead of calisthenics and fun and laughter instead of fundementals of lat development.
. . . or hes calculating what its going to take to burn off the few
beer calories hes already ingested.

calculate calorie burn

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